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So you’ve never played tennis before and you don’t know what to do? At Next Generation Clubs that’s OK as we’ve plenty for you to do. Take up some lessons and our qualified coaches will have you smashing on the court in next to no time and are seasoned pros in coaching beginners.

Whether you’ve never picked up a racquet before or have only played occasionally, our tennis lessons are great fun.

Tennis Welcome

If you want to learn tennis and are interested in taking lessons or playing with other members, come to one of our Tennis Welcomes and find out how we can help your game. Our tennis professional will assess your standard in a short tennis session and can then tailor a programme of lessons for you or help to put you in touch with other players of a similar standard.

It’s All Very Social

Tennis is a very social game and a great opportunity to make new friends on the courts, with even the bitterest of rivalries quickly forgotten after the game over a drink in the Members Lounge.

Tennis For Fitness

Tennis is not only great fun, but a fantastic form of exercise. Tennis lessons at Next Generation Clubs are an ideal way to start and our coaches will have you burning calories on the courts. Alternatively, our Tennis Workout sessions are a great alternative to a high energy exercise class, with no tennis ability required.


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